Who are we?

Almost a century of experience in engineering and facilities

The company

1920, birth ofMarti and Pala

Martí & Pala S.A was created in 1920, founded by two partners and friends who took advantage of Barcelona’s electrification system. Together they joined their knowledge to lay the foundations of one of the first electrical installation engineering companies of the city.

After almost a century of history, we are still as committed to electrical installations and we have adapted to the current market demands by professionalizing ourselves in different areas of integral installations.

Engineering projects

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Climate / Air conditioning

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Electrical installations

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Fluids and gas

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Renewable energy

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Growing up as a company and expanding services

This is how a company that was created to offer electrical installation services has become through its years of experience, an engineering installation provider that embraces the main areas within integral installations.

In Martí & Pala we are partners and peers who share knowledge and experience with the ultimate objective of satisfying our customers.


Guaranteed service and passion for work

Thanks to our engineering department, we are able to give practical solutions from an analytical perspective. After almost a century since our company started, along with our call towards service in this area and our vast experience, we have consolidated a business project where we continue to contribute with our knowledge and maturity to the world of installations and maintenance.